EWA office locations and Aveo Car

I have 2 queries for the forum, looking for the electricity connection for my newly acquired home, where is the EWA office nearby to tubli and second I'm getting a good deal for Aveo car 2013 model, just sceptical about why the cost is so low ?? Any issues with the Chevy Aveo models.

Waiting for favourable replies thanks !!

Hi and good evining Little Heart,
as for the EWA office , there is one near the Labout ministry in Salmabad ( opposite the petrol station and the Ministry on the othere side of the road ), and there is also another office on Bodiya road in Country Mall, but the one in Salmabad is closer to you i think .

I have no idea about the Aveo or its prices , so im sorry i cant help you out in th`t department , but im sure our other friends know something.

hope this helps out

Thanks, Mujtaba19 for the info.

Still waiting for some info on Aveo cars from other members as I have to decide about it in few days. :)

Hey lil girl EWA office can be found in isa town as well and yeah Aveo is great budget car and its great one.

Hope u find good one for urself


Thanks for the info. Do you mind giving me the coordinates of EWA office at isa town !!

Thanks :)

Hey lil girl sorry dont have the coordinates but u can google it with name MAZAYA PLAZA its between isa town and zayed town so easy for u to go there.

Thanks lil girl

Hey lil girl

Mazaya Plaza - Zayed Town
Building:336, Avenue: 24, Zayed Town: 720
Southern Governorate
Tel: +973 17 999111
Fax: +973 17 684411


Dear Little Heart
If you know where Sultan Mall or the ministry of Labor is located at in Isa Town , then the EWA is in between them , its really not hard to get as the buildin the EWA in is on the road twoards these two places ( Sultan mall & The Ministry of Labor ) .

Thanks guys for the info. Really appreciate that :)

I wouldn't recommend Chevy at all .. it's full of electrical issues .. it's such a headache
Chevy didn't make anything worth buying after the old Caprice
That's why it's cheap

I was and always a big fan of camero :)

Haha well
Camero has great performance but that doesn't eliminate the fact that it's not reliable

What has the reliability to do with shape and colours ;)

The best application in this case
Get a good reliable car for work
And a sexy bad ass car for fun .. that isn't necessarily reliable :D

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