which is the most trustworthy hospital in Nairobi?

Hello everyone,
I am recently moved to Nairobi. Healthcare is one of my concerns.
If I need to do any simple treatment for example fever, injured from accidents, digestion problems or appendix...where should I go? which hospital is the most trustworthy one in Nairobi? in the aspect of cleanliness, services, and good doctors.
Any address of dentist would be appreciated as well.
Thanks in advance

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If ever you find some trustworthy hospitals, please do recommend their contact infos in our business directory : Hospitals in Nairobi


Firstly, I recommend that you get some medical insurance.  You can get inpatients cover (admission to hospital), or outpatients and inpatients cover.

Nairobi Hospital and Aga Khan Hospital are arguably the best and standards are up there with western hospitals, but they are private.  Be aware that costs are high if you are admitted as a self funding patient.  They charge almost for each sheet of toilet paper!  Nairobi Hospital certainly has an accident and emergency department.

Based on a few friends of ours; my concern about Kenyan doctors, particularly those at the large private hospitals is the tendency to carry out unnecessarily complicated procedures and a reluctance to refer on to other specialists, when this would be best practice.  This particularly seems to affect insured patients.  A cynic might suggest that money was a motivating factor.  Unless one has some medical knowledge, how would you know that this was happening?

My recent experience (admittedly not in Nairobi) consisted of being charged for a battery of tests on my daughter, that either hadn't been carried out at all, or the results of which had been made up.

For more minor illnesses, there are clinics, such as Landmark Plaza, where you can see a doctor, for a consultation fee.  Any tests will cost, but results come back quickly.  You will almost always be prescribed medication, whether you actually need it or not.  The Insurer AAR have their own clinics at which you can see a doctor much like a GP in the UK, but yu must have bought outpatients medical insurance (as far as I am aware).

Kenyans increasingly travel to India for treatment of known medical problems, as they feel that they get better treatment and better value for money.

Dear Longonot62,
Thank you so much for our recommendation. We bought the insurance already but what I need a trustworthy hospital to go to in Kenya. I will check my insurance to see if they can cover in the recommendation you have mentioned.
Thank you for your help.

I think that the majority of insurers would cover admission to Nairobi Hospital and Aga Khan, but not outpatient services, unless you have bought this facility.

Kenyatta National Hospital is one of the best but not in terms of an emergency. There are several private hospitals like Nairobi Hospital, Karen Hospital, Aga Khan Hospital among others which are pretty good if you have no problem with spending a few extra shillings. I would recommend African Coptic Hospital, although it is a church hospital, it is quite good in terms of services, facilities and it is affordable. Even there dental services are good. You can check them out and decide on one that you like.

Thank you for your recommendation. I would check the dentist at the church hospital 'cause I have many thing need to be done at the dentist. ^_^

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