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Hello friends
My friend just came across a problem . He came to oman looking for job here and fortunately got one . They handed him his offer letter and asked him to submit his documents required to acquire employment visa in oman . He went back to india and processed his documents and sent them back to the company he got job into .
But due to some anonymous reason they have been delaying his vida . He keeps texting them regarding updates of his visa formalities . They are not telling things clearly and often leave him baffled .
He still has his offer letter from the company .
He asked them directly many times to which they responded in positI've and promised him to send his visa soon but they are taking so long . He was told that many people are losing their jobs in oman due to shuttling oil prices . The oil market is not stable there in oman .
He shared his problem with me and I thought to post it here . Plz guide me so that I may assist in his problem

Hi Shahsiddiq9,

If you care to read in the forum, you will notice that your friend's is no problem. It is the norm.

The company which has made him the offer must be waiting to get the required labour clearance from the Ministry of Manpower, before they are allowed to apply for an employment visa.

Before you respond immediately with a few more oft asked queries, please read all about this in the forum.

Ok sir

Hello everybody,

I was offered a job in Oman, Muscat city. Can anyone inform me about average living expenses in Muscat city in detail?  I mean I would like to know about accomodation costs, food and transportation in US dollars.

Thank you very much a head of time!

Try for living costs

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