I'm coming down!

This is my decision year. I have a few places that entertain me as to where I may wish to land in the early retirement years.

I have several reasons for picking Samana as one of them, mainly from my heritage of being a SeaDog and looking at Safe Harbors.

I found the place I'll stay on the trip, Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa.
Picked it for two reasons, well many a few more, but mainly:
Safe haven if required, walking distance to downtown and right on the spit (Englander term for that stretch of islands that form the harbor).

I'm working on where I'd fly into, then how the heck to get to Samana...
Have a feeling I'll need to hire a driver.
Know a good one that can be entertaining on the drive?

Am I looking at Puerto Plata as my only choice of Airports to fly into?
Seems this way so far..

Am I wrong to think 3hr drive?
If so, I'd really be looking for a local driver!

Well now, Samana El Catey has interest to fly into.
Anyone familiar?
AZS in airport terms..
One heck of a lot closer.

Yes fly into el Carey, way closer. Check the hotel for pick up!

Catey will be much closer other wise  you are looking at a 3+ hour cab ride.

Bob K

Next would be money.
Better to pay in local I assume.
Hotel is no issue, but basic's, you know, the fun stuff.

Better to exchange there?
El Catey would have a decent bank to do so or Samana?

When we travel to Canada I do it the Duty-Free.
Best rates!

Do not use the airport,  they will not have good rates and don't do it at the hotel. You will want to find a local place in Samana for a much better rate.

So, no 'Duty Free' around?
Have become pretty used to it when traveling to Canada.. Shame.
Much better rates than the banks.

Flying in..
El Catey has become interesting..
I'm about to find their site and see who travels there and from where.
If I lived in Toronto, direct flight.
Since I don't... 15hrs of lay-over and flying North first..
Has to be a better route!

North Coast folks please..
Who do you use and where do you fly in and out of?

You can try united with connections in Miami. Depends on the day you travel but you can get flights with only couple hrs layover. Montreal has direct flights as well. Depending on where you live??

Thank you Stan!
Everything I'm finding so far is out of Toronto..
I did search out Miami..
I'll try again on United.
One of these guys has a hop into AZS that I'm not seeing so far.

AZS seems to be a tough spot.
Their site shows only a few Airlines that fly in.

I'm working now with JetBlue.
They do and not a Bad Airlines to fly.
Ya, couple dollars more, but so far, they've been worth it.

Just getting to be a challenge to lock down days they will...

And remember that you are after high season, which means far less flights and options.

So I am seeing...
El Catey shuts down after April??
Really don't think so..
JetBlue is done after April.

El Catey site is limited and this is going to take a bit more work.
There has to be a short hop in there from one of the usual's, Miami.. Puerto Rico.. New Orleans.. Jamaica.. Maybe even Mexico..

I'm going to contact the Resort and ask "How you going to get me there?"

As reality sets in.. What's it going to cost for that 3hr drive from  Puerto Plata ?

Posted rate is $200 via cab

Bob K

No I did not say the airport shuts down.....LOL

There are LESS FLIGHTS during the shoulder and low seasons then there are during the busiest  months of the year.

Didn't say you did, that's all me!
I just couldn't believe what I was reading and learning...

It just surprised me.

Bob K :

Posted rate is $200 via cab

Bob K

US dollar or local currency?
9,200 DOP?
200 DOP is a deal!


We flew JetBlue into AZS last year in July. They fly direct from NYC (not sure where you are coming from) on I believe Wednesdays and Saturdays.

No that is $200 USD.

Bob K

ns1437 :


We flew JetBlue into AZS last year in July. They fly direct from NYC (not sure where you are coming from) on I believe Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Thank you, but checked them.
They're stopping service end of April..
Hopefully not for good, just the season.

Exactly, just for the season.....

Hey dude, Welcome to the tropics.  It is great here. I am a retired American.  I have hit Samana a couple of times, but live in Puerto Plata.  Get in touch when you arrive and we can hang out a bit.

Will do! Thanks!

Now how do you fly in and out this time of year?
Any 'Puddle Jumpers' I should know about?

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