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Our only son is in Germany with his wife on job for last two years,holding blue card. I am a pensioner. How can I move to Germany with my wife?

To move to Germany as a non-EU citizen, you need a residence visa.
Contact your nearest German embassy to apply for one.

Beppi is not right!
As a holder of a "Blue Card" your son is allowed to bring you to Germany,because it does includes the whole family.If I am not mistaken,you are even allowed to get a blue
card as a family member!

Both Beppi and Hartwig1940 are correct. One needs a residence visa BUT family members of a blue card holder are guaranteed the right to be given one. More information here:

People are mixing stuff here.

One thing is visiting another is residence.

A blue card is not a trump card to bring everybody over with similiar DNA for a free retirement. Hence I would tend towards Beppi's  statement.

The Bluecard context of "Family members" are reserved for "closest" family of the individual - only including a wife and children.  Aunts, Uncles, Niece,  nephews, Grandfathers and - mothers, parents, stepmothers/-fathers, siblings, girlfriends or family pets are not automatically entitled as being closest family from a permanent residence perspective - even though they are familiarly close.

mahabindualokananda can always visit his son through a visitors visa, for a time-limited span, as long as the latter (the son) can proof that he has sufficient additional funding to carry all medical + insurance+ living costs personally. The private medical aid funds in Germany won't even contribute to that case if the parents have a something as small as cold... and those costs will become quite expensive load for the son to carry the older one gets.

For the future of your son - let him free to soar the world.

Interesting what is posted here. I had read that blue card holders can bring family members without problems. JahannesM mentions that it is only close family members defined as children and spouses. I looked on lots of sites, even some official ones and it only said family members – without defining who this means. Eventually found the site of the ultimate authority, the German immigration office. In English they say family members and then specifically mention kids children and spouse but don’t specifically say it is limited to them. The German version the same but gives a link to the actual law (Familiennachzug nach § 29 AufenthG) which confirms only children and spouses but interesting enough, a “life partner” although not actually married may also qualify. What I learned from this is that, thanks to JohannesM I realized that much such information is open to interpretation and misunderstanding. The official German immigration website is in German, English, Turkish and Russian and can answer lots of the questions people post here so is a valuable resource:

Thank you TominStuttgart, for the Information!

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