Safety adviser looking for work in Germany

Hi all , am now at the end of my contract in the UK and now living in Germany with my partner , am learning German and really keen to find work, prepared to start at the bottom and do any job if I have to, my back ground is construction through all industries, from building housing, mine construction, oil&chad construction, wind energy construction etc, just looking for a chance and prepared to do what it takes

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I am not involved in construction but one can see that there is a LOT of major building projects going on in Stuttgart, so the demand is there. The question would be the amount of competition and wage levels. As Romania and Bulgaria have become full members of the EU, there is an abundance of people coming, desperate to work for almost any wage. This puts a downwards pressure on the going rates. There are legal or union standards for wages and working conditions but the construction industry has a notorious reputation for skirting these requirements. Having experience will be to your advantage but getting a well-paying job might be difficult

I agree with what you are saying, my biggest hurdle is that my German is not good, I'm learning but it takes time, to be honest I would take most any job to get started, but thank you for replying

Well, most construction workers are foreigners with little or bad German, so I think it is one of the job sectors most open to people less than fluent in the language.

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