trying to rent a house in Tabanan area

No agents . I am trying to rent a quality new build house in the up coming Tabanan   area . I have used  face book  and many other sites . I am aware of the abundance of places to book but am confused as to why the amount of interest is limited. Any ideas?. I have not used   Bali advertiser, that is the only one I have not used.  I now exploring using  it for multiple occupation and buying a firm  .Not worry about the house for rent  making money will expect the business too though with  the staff getting free lodging..

While Tabanan is somewhat "up and coming" it's still pretty removed from the mainstream southern and Ubud area, thus you may want to re-think using an agent.

The Bali Advertiser is excellent, and as you likely already know, available on line as well as all over Bali in tabloid newspaper format.

I know several expats in the Ubud area who develop and sell properties as their business, and they all say things are slow at the moment, even using agents.   

Cheers, and good luck.

Hi jqc86z,

I have a new-built house non-furnished in Wanasari, Tabanan. It's a one floor house with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1 kitchen. It's closed to Tabanan city park and SMA/High School 1 Tabanan.

You can contact/message me if you are interested.

I will share message to you for link for the photos.

Thank you.

Hi alfdjones,

you should post in the housing section ;)

Hi julien,

Apologize for the mistake. Just trying to respond to Jqc86z. Bu i will check also on housing section.


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