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i am currently living in Pattaya and do my 90 day stamp in Jomtien for my retirement visa ( extension of stay) but i want to travel is it possible to get my 90 day stamp in other Cities or do i have to travel back to Jomtien each time Thankyou.

The notification must be made within 15 days earlier or 7 days late from the date of expiration of the 90 days period, which is a wide window ( 3 weeks ) if you are away..

Others possiblities :

- post office
- internet : I use it and confirmation was received in less than an hour
- agent

In case of notifying in person or by agent, it must be made at the Provincial Immigration office located in the same area of the alien residence.

Hi could you please advise me where I can find information on how to notify through the interner?

Lindsay west aussie :

Hi could you please advise me where I can find information on how to notify through the interner?

To report on internet you need to  submit this online application within 15 days but not less than 7 days before the due date of notification ( timing is shorter ), note also that it will work only on Internet Explorer ( try to use a version 11 ), then go to below link ( even it will say it is not safe, you have to proceed ), on the first page you will have to click at the bottom of the window (  *I have read and fully understand the above terms and conditions and agree to accept them ) then click on accept : …

Be sure you have the right requirement : Internet Explorer, and the timing to report is correct oy you will not be able to go through.

There is also a user guide you can download on this website, read through before to be sure you understand everything

Good luck

Thank you very much is greatly appreciated

I am Belgian and live in Thailand for more than 10 years, I have a thail husband.
You can do your 90 days report anywhere!
You have to go to the immigration office of where you stay.
They will maybe tell you to make 90 days and change address report but not everywhere.
My house is in Sisaket but we move often and I do like this

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