Searching for ERP/WMS system provider in Riyadh

Hi All,

I am searching for a good company specialized in ERP /WMS system to be implemented in my company.

if anyone has contacts or working at one, please pass it over.

your help is highly appreciated, as i have searched a lot online but didn't get to any good one yet.


Plz inbox me ur /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ and company name

Have you decided what ERP you want implemented?
Have you already identified your requirements in terms of functionality?
There are many ERP implementation partners in KSA but you will need to provide them with your RFP and then evaluate their capability to deliver based on quality, functionality, timeline and price

Of course i do, basically Inventory & WMS/POS module for not which will be linked to Accounting as well.

SAP is in the plan but we need to get going to simple/not expensive ERP system for now.


I have been involved as PM from the client side for several ERP projects in KSA, using Oracle & SAP since 2008. Most implementation partners in this part of the world do not have the professional resources and capabilities to deliver ERP in my experience to date.

so what do you suggest then!

first of all
what type of your company ?
what is the core business?

Once you have a detailed RFP in hand float it in the market of selected implementers and seek proposals from them. Thats what I have done for all the projects I have been managing to date. The best SAP implementation so far was done by TCS India

company is a retailer B2B

LULU Supermarkets are running SAP implemented by a company from Dubai.

i think oracle is the best for you

Oracle ERP is certainly good if implemented by a professional vendor. So is Microsoft Dynamics for Retail.

thank you guys for several ERP solution names, what i am basically looking for are company contacts (email / phone #) not software names

is it your company in Riyadh?



What is the ERP you have

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