if you want to share your thing to the poor children in cambodia

HI,All behalf i am member of YED team,
i would like to announce that if you want to share your love with the poor children in Cambodia can contact with me, with my project." sharing love to the children".
thanks you.

Hi Natanuon,

I invite you to register yourself in the business directory >  Children associations in Phnom Penh section. Members will be able to contact you more easily.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Yes could you tell me about your activities in the Phnom Penh area

for my team, i always organize some event that related with child right and their family.
such share some food, clothes,study material and teach them about their right and play game with them for make they feeling good n try to study.u can contact to me by email.or in box for more detail


Well I'm retired in Phnom Penh starting July 1 , I'm pretty free all days , just want to volunteer , something that helps , I love Cambodia !

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