Looking for Jamaicans in Prague

Hello, I am Czech and looking for a native Jamaican/native speaker of Jamaican Patwa living in Prague, Czech Republic who would be willing to help me with my diploma thesis.
My practical part is grammatical comparison of the Jamaican Bible (Nyuu Testiment) and the King James Version and the thing is that I don't understand a few words/sentences, so I would be happy if a native speaker of Patwa could help me with the translation into English. It won't take long time though - a few minutes. In return, I could help you with Czech, for example. :top:

Stale hledas jamajcana pro tvoji diplomovou praci? :)
Muj manzel je jamajcan a bydlime tady v Praze.
Dej mi vedet.

Hi everyone,

@ Ajlittle, welcome on board  :) Please note that you should write in english only on the anglophone forum so that members can fully understand.

Thank you in advance,

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