Reasonably Priced Business Lawyer Recommendation?


Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced, English speaking, business lawyer in/near San Jose to handle an injunction? I was quoted nearly $4000 and I just can't imagine that is an average cost. This request is time sensitive.


Hi there
After living here 25 years and using many sister lawyers I have for the last 15 years found a great guy fluent in English...Depending on what type of law you need He does not work on criminal law but message me if other type law for his phone where do you live?

Ahh, Debbie, you are so adored right now! I will message you for his information now. THANK YOU!!!

Hi Debbie,

were looking for a lawyer who can assist with immigration/visas/business purchase.....if you can reccomend this guy please let me have his details



Note that not all existing businesses or establishing a new business  will be acceptable with immigration for residency status as an Investor. Also know that you can't 'physically work' in the business until a Permanent resident which will take approx 4-5 years.

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ANDRE WELLS (TICO) BUT SPEAKS PERFECT ENGLISH AND VERY WELL COMMERCIALLY  EXPERIENCED. I do not have his number but I believe his office is in Escazu

If you are a Gringo... don't expect anything at a reasonable cost down here, as it is standard procedure for Tico's to charge you more.  I am not joking.

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