property to rent in umbria

hi guys I was wondering about how to get a view on the apartments available  for long term let in the Umbrian region,,over here in dear old blighty ,the choice is limited is what you can see,,so are there any good sites,agents out there that have a good list of propertys to rent ?

Hi, there are a few long term rentals here, but just for Tuscany.
You might find some holiday rentals in Umbria and then you could check with the local agencies.

Anyway good luck

Cheers elcid, I'm after a rental in 1 of the city's in toscana or umbria with rail links to firenze

There are some good aggregate real estate websites that have rentals as well as sales.  You might check:

Also google real estate companies and check their sites.  There doesn't seem to be a general listing service in Italy so each company has their own listings so it can be time consuming.

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