Any english/scottish people in Kristiansand.

Hi im Norwegian returning to live in Kristiansand this summer after 22 years in Scotland. Would be nice to meet some English speaking people.

Heya! My boyfriend is Norwegian and I'm South African (my first language is English, but his English is pretty good too).

We stay around Vanse, so if you're in the area at some point, give us a shout!


Thanks for your reply. Yes I do know Vanse I used to live in Bekkevollen 10 when I was about 10 so I know the area. So how do you find learning Norwegian? I have a daughter who is 25 but she only speaks English im trying to teach her but its a hard language to learn.
Have you got any hobbies? What are you up to in your free time?
I will definitely keep in touch.

Hellooo! I only moved here in December 2015, so my Norwegian is not very great, but I'm getting there slowly but surely :D Is your daughter in Norway too?
Ha! I need to find new hobbies now that I'm here, but I've got too many plans up my sleeve - maybe too many to be realistic! Haha
We just moved to a new house so most of our time is going to go into making it pretty I guess :P When I can I usually have a few drinks with the boyfriend, or my new friends :P
What do you do, or like doing? Why have you moved back, if I may ask?

Im moving back to give my 8 year old son a better life,my daughter will stay here in Scotland with her boyfriend.
I like a drink now and then and I love animals. At the moment im self employed courier,but when I return to Norway (around 1 of july) I will have to find a job.
You mentioned Metal in your profile what does that mean?
Do you like it were you live and why did you end up there?

Oh gosh.. I'm so bad with checking this site! Have you moved back to Norway yet by the way?
Oh yeah, regarding metal, it's one of the music types I listen to. I listen to anything good really, but my taste is a bit different :P

I moved to Norway because my husband didn't want to live in SA. I do actually like it here, nice and peaceful.. but sometimes I want to pull out my hair! Haha!

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