moving to italy - Is it possible ?

hi  everybody ,I'm paul and hopefully looking for advice about moving to Italy so 1st a bit about me ,,

I'm 46 and sadly recently divorced and I am considering moving to Italy with a view of being there full time but wanted to hear if its possible ,,,

I have wanted to move to Italy for a long time , I did spend a lot of time there at 1 stage and have been from Veneto in the north to isla capri in the south my Italian is basic {very}

I will of course be arriving on my own and I am looking to rent a apartment for about 300 euros a month I'm not looking at a city but large town or semi rural and apartment wise nothing grand  a 2 bed will do fine I do not drive ,hense being close to shops,bank, etc or good public transport is a must. at 46

I feel I'm not a party animal so will live pretty simple,internet is a must and obviously eating and paying bills now the important bit ,

I will have 1000 euros total per month to spend inc rent and I just wanted to hear anybody imput on this , is it possible? can it be possible? am I just nuts lol?......

thanks for any feedback.

Hi Paul,
I've been living in Italy for the last 18 months, I run a small holiday rental and have a plot of land I'm currently working on, hopefully it will become an organic garden. I live in a village South of Salerno. It's a great place, beautiful clean sea, mountain walks and mostly blue skies. The winter is too quiet but in reality it lasts only two months at the most. The rents, for annual lets, around here are 300-350 Euros per month for an apartment just outside the village . Also have you considered 'Work Away' I've had three people stay with me as part of the Work Away scheme, two were travelling around the area getting to know it with a view of finding a location in which they wanted to settle. Basically t's a scheme where travellers exchange a few hours work a day for meals and lodging.

If you're interested have a look at the site or contact me .

Hello Nieve,
I came across your post and wanted to know if you know of anyone who rents places or do you just offer Workaway positions?


Hi don't know if it's any use but before I arrive in Italy I'm keeping a eye on longtermlettings.Com

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