Internet quality in asuncion in 2016

I was wondering what the quality of internet service was like these days in Asuncion. A *stable* 1 mByte/second (that's 8mbit/sec) connection (both wired and wireless!) is enough for me, but it does need to be STABLE, no outages, slowdowns! Is this available over there..?

I welcome any experience on this topic!  :cheers:

I'm paying about U$ 265 per month for 10 mgts fiber Obtic internet service. Here they have megabits and no much bandwidth ...
COPACO is the company controlling/ providers internet signal. I'm using them but my web designer told me to try Rieder because they have a better signal and this is what I don't understand. I think COPACO is a government company but I don't know. Rieder is a Volvo / Renault rep but have other business too, one of those is internet service (Same or higher cost) but I can't tell you if it is better or worse. FYI, we started with 8 megabits but it wasn't great so move to 10. You should buy the connection equipment yourself do not rely in employees or reps (there are different qualities in the market) I had one situation that took three weeks to take care of and two month to get the credit for no service ... Other than that, I'm getting accustomed to the informality. By the way there is no contract because you pay ahead.
The good news is that government and Internet companies are planning to get a better fiber optics; the present one comes through Argentina.
I'm planning to move to Rieder to see if it is better. I think I'm confusing you. What I have now is maybe near of what I had in Chicago (Standard Internet service not fiber).
Patience is the word here. I'll keep you informed.

Thanks, victor, very helpful!

"By the way there is no contract because you pay ahead."  :D

Sounds frightening to me. I need to send large files thru internet.

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