Best place in VN to live as an expat.

Am heading to VN next month to check it out, just wondering where are the best places to live as an expat, social scene, work prospects etc... i want to see Saigon, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Hoi An... just wondering what the social scene is like in each place? I used to live in HK and it was pretty cool, small town called Sai Kung, many of the expats knew each other and there were a few expat bars that everyone knew about, is it similar kind of thing in VN? and can anyone recommend any popular spots?
cheers in advance

Hi Chief !

In HCMC (Saigon), you will find the District 2 (Thao Dien part) that will be the closest to your experience.
A lot of small shops, small roads, a lot of foreigners and like in a village, everyone knows everyone. (Well...similar).

D7 in HCMC is quite comfortable otherwise (large roads, large footpath, good infra, etc...) but you loose the proximity.

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Hi there,

Most expats live in District 7 or 2. I am in District 7, and this is much more open and less noisy and crowded than other districts that I have seen. I pay less than $600 /PCM for a 2 bedroom 95sm apartment, we have a lovely swimming pool and a decent gym here on site. HAGL do good apartments. WIth $2000 you can get a top class apartment. Most motorbikes here are Honda scooters, 125cc. If you have these, they cost about $1800 new, you will not have problems with stealing, bikes are everywhere. Most apartment blocks have underground garages that are pretty safe. If you rent a house, most people put their bikes inside a ground floor room.

And I do know some pretty good agents if you need to take a good look at these (Pictures, ect...).


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Hello mate, If you need help to find your property feel free to contact me in private. I know many people working in real estate now.


Hi Jeremy, yeah that'd be great cheers, or maybe I can come out to D7 for a beer n pick your brains a bit if you have time? Am in a hotel in D1 now, just arrived the other day n to be honest really not feeling it in this part of town to be honest. am books in here for 3 weeks so will use it as a base for the time being but really looking at somewhere that feels more homely if ya know what I mean. Also do you know we're I can hire a bike and is it standard that they want your passport while the bike is on hire? As not that comfortable with that to be honest. Any tips?
Cheers in advance.

Do you wanna rent a flat? And have more foreign neighbers around? I can help you. Join in Saigon. Go to amcham, eurocham networking...

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