Engineering position for manufacturing industry


I was wondering about the salary range for a engineering junior position for a manufacturing industry?


you'd be lucky to get 500 bucks. maybe aim for 300-400.

wow its a bit low. but lets see how i can negotiate

thanks for the information though.

yeah it is. there are lots of graduates. good luck!

It's a slightly different position but my former neighbor was an electrical engineer for a major high rise developer and was maybe 10 years post graduation.  He told me that he made 17 million VND/month, about $750.

Hello all
I am doploma in mechanical engineering (3 years) I have 4 years experience as a quality control supervisor. I really like to work in Vietnam because I live to relocate for better living. Please help me to move there
Thank you all.

I can work as a warehouse supervisor too. I have experience

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