moving to seychelles for an intership

hi guys i'm leah from reunion island but originally from kenya. i speak french ,english and swahili.
i will be travelling to seychelles on 19/05/2016.I wil be doing a receptionist internship at coral strand hotel for one month, i would like to meet kenyans and of course other people to hang out with. would  also like to have an idea on cost of living ,where to find accomodations;places to visit (on my free time).wakenya maisha huko ni hard ama iko poa
thank you guys in advance :)

Hi leah, i' m moving to Seychelles in 10 days... Even me i'm looking for someone .... First if all to make New friendship and and find someone who can come with me to visit place !

I' m italian but i speak english, french and German... We can keep in touch!

Hello My name is Aniss from lebanon , Can anyone help me to find a job in seychelles , I speak both Arabic and English. looking for permenant job,
I can send you my CV if anyone would like to help me

Hello everyone,

If you are looking for a job or internship, please refer to the Jobs in the Seychelles section of the website by dropping an advert along with your cv.

It will get you better chances of finding an opportunity.

All the very best,

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