I would like to meet other women in Cairo for shopping and chatting

Hi, I am interested in meeting other women who are in Cairo. I love going to the museums, coffeehouses and exploring old Cairo. Also I would love to find a good place to get a pedicure.

Where are you living in cairo and where are you from
that's a good place for a pedicure.
Enjoy :)

my lady comes to my flat for my pedicure.  I live in Hadayek Helwan Cairo Egypt...where do you live what area

im also new in cairo and looking for female friend. Where are you from?

I was born in Lebanon but have lived all over the world but live in Egypt now been here since 2007.    And you where are you from    I have no foreign friends

Im from Italy and Ive been living here since  4 months.

I would like to meet new female friends , where are you from?

I live in al rehab city

I am in Hadayek Helwan far from you sorry...........I love the metro you are not on the metro....

I am in Dokki, I have only recently moved here. I would like to meet women friends

Hey, I would like to meet


How are you? I'm interested in the same things as you. I live in Zamalek and work in Sheikh Zayad?

I now Zamalek both my nieces went to the university there ....but Sheikh Zayad not sure ...what do you do .....and where are you from.....we need to have a group of us that need female companionship.....most of my Egyptian friends need permission to shop for detergent being funny but life hard here and needs work....once you have a child gets more difficult to go need other friends

I wished I was living in Cairo. I think it's a great idea to all meet up for a ladies day! I'm in Hurghada, so much further away. Hope you all get to meet one another soon :))

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