Moving to Shanghai tomorrow and looking to make new friends

Hey everyone,

My name is Mike and I'm due to move to Shanghai tomorrow (and in all honesty that terrifies me) I'm moving for work reasons and, until I get on my feet out here, I will be leaving my partner and our 6 year old daughter back in the UK.

I'm looking to make new friends and get to know Shanghai. I'm very interested in the culture and would love to learn Mandarin although I can imagine that would take some time.

A little about myself, I'm 33 and a pad brat (for those who don't know, that means my father was in the army when I was a kid) so I suppose that's why I'm almost used to the move. I love pretty much all music, sports (mainly football and for my sins I am a Sunderland fan) and I'm a bit of a geek/nerd too as I do enjoy my online gaming from time to time.

As it says in the title, I'm looking to meet new people and make new friends who can  hopefully show me around Shanghai and help me get used to the place. I will be living near South Huangpi Road station (apparently 5 mins away from this) so if you fancy getting together some time or even just helping me out then please feel free to message me.

Hi Mike,
Welcome to Shanghai!
My workplace is quite near to South Huangpi Road; contact me if you have time for coffee/lunch. Also, I organize lunch and Pools/Foosball with a group of foreigners (mostly from US/Canada & Europe); do join us if you are interested.


would love to catch up with coffee and chat. If you want to learn mandarine, I will also glad to teach you. Feel free to send me msg.

Hey Mike,

If you like to play football i can introduce you to several venues where they play regularly. There is a small fee, 7 a side on artificial grass.

May you want to play 11 a side, let me know. Besides that welcome and hope you enjoy yourself in Shanghai!


Hi Mike
Welcome to Shanghai. I'm the other way around to you. I'm from Sunderland, left hubby back in England working and I have my son living here with me and joining in the adventure. I can tell you that you will value the UK when you return!

Get yourself a VPN, Astrill and get online before you do anything. SATV TV box, X Box and getting out to meet Brits is important. Make sure you are happy with your accommodation and that you are being paid a fair price for your work.

Feel free to make contact, my son is into gaming and nearly 17. I'm a teacher at an international school.

Good luck


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