Concerened about security of indians in nairobi

Hi I am a professional and i've got a job offer in nairobi. My concerned is about the security of indians in nairobi city. I am planning to take that offer but don't know the current situation. Wheter is it safe to live and roam freely in nairobi city..? I've heard there is much poverty due to which theft and loot are common problem faced. If you can help me in deciding I will thankful..

Mumbai is worse than nairobi....crime wise...... just saying

hi! you should not be worried  about indians safety in nairobi,its perfectly good but its good to gather some crucial info' before  you move somewhere,Indians are scatted all over kenya  and in peace but in Nairobi they mostly reside in parkland ,westland for a convinient access to their mosque and businesses patners

i seen many Asian ,Indian Pakistani, Bangladeshi people here.they are living together  . i think if you don't go out at unknown sides after sunset , then its safe no problem . there are many many Asians living peacefully and i think there is no problem in security sense .

despite previous terror attacks, Nairobi is safe for everyone despite a person tribe, race, religion or place of origin.

there are many Indians doing there businesses in the city safely. be sure its a peaceful and secure place not forgetting police patrols and surveillance system installed in the city


There are few occurrences of theft and robbery like every city. But it is highly notified because of the low population. Its just coincidence that you come across a robber. I used to travel here in the late night. You may not be able roam around freely. Don't worry. Its a beautiful city. Dont display the ornaments, cash or other valuables when you travel. Unfortunately if you come across a robber, just give him whatever you have. Don't hide or argue with him. Have a nice life in Nairobi !



I agree with James_Kiarie. Nairobi is relatively safe. It is just important to know where you are. There are some places that are very risky past a certain time but within the CBD, it's not that bad.

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