Business etiquette in Turkey

Hello everybody,

As you know, professional habits may differ from one country to another. In order to help newly arrived expats better understand their new professional environment in Turkey, we warmly encourage you to share information and insights about the do’s and don’ts in the workplace.

For instance, are there office manners? How do you greet your co-workers? Do you greet your management differently? Is there a dress code? Particular rules to observe? Maybe a professional body language?

On another level, what is key for a successful professional meeting? Are there any steps to follow? How do you a start a negotiation?

In other words, what are the most important things to know for a successful professional integration in Turkey?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience!


Hello Admin :)

Good questions to study  too .

Unfortunately as i was an ex seaman , totally different rules applies to business environment and fixed movement like a watch on the sea is common regardless
any nationality as the marine world is entirely international . As far as i know all your questions is applicable at companies local and global but the main purpose is all same and everything is in orbit of gaining money .

Have a good day:)


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