Business etiquette in Mauritius

Hello everybody,

As you know, professional habits may differ from one country to another. In order to help newly arrived expats better understand their new professional environment in Mauritius, we warmly encourage you to share information and insights about the do’s and don’ts in the workplace.

For instance, are there office manners? How do you greet your co-workers? Do you greet your management differently? Is there a dress code? Particular rules to observe? Maybe a professional body language?

On another level, what is key for a successful professional meeting? Are there any steps to follow? How do you a start a negotiation?

In other words, what are the most important things to know for a successful professional integration in Mauritius?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience!


Some initial thoughts.
One of the things I have found is that you shake hands with people a lot more even when passing them in the corridor and certainly at the start of meetings. A nod and hello is not sufficient. Then you need to work out who you "kiss " on the cheeks after meeting them a couple of times.
Time is a bit elastic and meetings often start late so don't feel offended.
Dress code seems to be company specific and there are companies that have casual dress code but most seem formal which means long sleeve shirts and ties for the men and business dress for the women avoiding low cut tops.
If you are speaking French the use of "Tu" seems pretty standard but that may vary from company to company.
Holidays and sickness absence rules are regulated. I suggest that if you are working in an office it is worthwhile familiarising yourself with the employment law act which you can download from the government site and is captured in one document and is reasonably easy to read plus there is an amendment act too with a few changes or points of  clarification .

Interesting topic and helpful information to know.😀

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