Don't just sit at home, Make friends! This is LAGOS

I tend to travel Internationally for both work and pleasure.

I have come to realize that the easiest way to integrate into a community is by mixing with the locals.

The question is how do I find the decent ones who aren't going to kidnap a tourist..   :)

Truth is, I tend to rely on my intuition and while it's OK to be cautious, some locals may have more to offer you than you actually think you do.

Now let's discuss Lagos(Where I live).

Some people I know arrive Nigeria (Lagos),settle in with a lot of prejudices and stay within their community or locked up at home. W-H-Y?

There are so many great people to meet, new things to learn and for all you care, you could find a Nigerian who actually attended your high school in Bangkok(Yes we travel a whoooole LOT)!

If you're a decent, honest and adventurous person eager to learn about a new culture and living in Lagos...Holla!

Is that fruit?

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