Who can build a Brick oven in Nha Trang

Does anyone know some professional masons who can built a special bricks oven in Nha Trang?

everything is manual. scoot around till you see some construction site. pop in and ask the workers. your chances are pretty low here I reckon.

There is quite a bit of information, including plans on line....sorry, just on a tablet with limited access, so can't post a link at this time.  It is not difficult, but time consuming in that only a few rows of bricks can be laid at a time and then the mortar needs to harden, before the get the arch.  Possibly someone local could work from one of these plans...with you watching closely for deviations.  I plan to build one in an outdoor kitchen that we are building in Phu Quoc, but not quite there yet....

So, my brick oven is nearly least the bricks.  I had a builder in doing the kitchen and showed him some of the on line information.  Instead of the platform to hold up the bricks, we used 3 loops of rebar, bent to the correct domed shape and covered it with a thin sheet of steel, which was wired to the rebar.  He used the solid half suggestion, for thermal mass.  They were laid with the thin side facing the form, to better follow the curve....2 layers.  He also rounded the back and curved it up to the top....his idea.  The only area where we differed meaningfully in, was placement of the chimney.  He thought that it should go at the back, but it needs to be at the in the back, food in the front and hot gasses forced forward to evenly heat everything.  He parged the outside shell, but left face bare brick, for that rustic look.  All I have left is to get a metal shop to fabricate a door and chimney.  If you private message me your e mail, I can send a photo,

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