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Hi All,

My husband has been trying to find a job in New Zealand from South Africa. We have not been able to find a recruitment company in New Zealand who is willing to take him on, before we arrive. We have been applying through various websites, with no luck.

We need a letter of appointment to get the work visa, but most jobs/recruitment companies require the visa first. Seems like we are in a catch 22 here.

Is there anyone who knows of a company we can contact?

Thank you!!!

what does he do?

Good day,

My husband is in sports management, particularly with in the Golf industry and Golf development.

That's pretty niche I would expect you will have to come here to seek employment as you will be competing with all the nzers studying sport science/management and who are NZPGA members or otherwise.  And the law is that you can only be offered a work visa if there is no one local skilled and/or available to do the job or be trained to do it..there are exceptions if he is exceptionally talented and has represented SA in international competition for example


Thank you so much for your advise.  He is pretty high up here in SA but we seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Because we need a job to get your visa, but can't seem to get the job because he are not as needed as he thought or have been advised. 

Thank you again, much appreciated.

Kind Regards

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