New friends in Paris

Hello :-)
My name is Pia, I just moved to Paris for work.
I am looking for friends to explore this nice city with!
Maybe some fellow Norwegians or others?! :-)
Thanks, Pia

Hi Pia,

I am not Norweagan, I am Spanish, but happy to explore the city or any plan!  :D

I just moved to Paris for work and dont know many people here.

Let me know! And Happy Friday!

Hello ! I'm French and am currently living in Paris but will be moving near Blois (Région Centre) at the end of April. If anybody wants to visit Paris or la Vallée de Loire, just ask, I'd be pleased to do it with you !

Hello Elo86,

I'll be happy to ! I'll send you my contact info in a PM.


Hey Pia,

I am living in Paris I moved here from London. I am here until the end of May :)

Hi Pia ,

I saw your post  "New Friends in Paris". I moved to PAris in Jan 2016. I am working bit outside of Paris in a an automobile company.

I connect to this site with the hope to meet new friends:)
If you want we can meet sometime in Paris..

Have a nice day!1


Welcome to France Pia, will be glad to meet you in Paris and be of any help if needed.

Am new too in Paris ,am from Nigeria...,we can meet up if you don't mind

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