Retirement to Korea - Info about Real Estate prices

I am getting a head start on my retirement plans. The wife and I are planning on retiring in about 2 years and when we do we have decided to move Korea and settle down.

My Wife maintained her Korean citizenship and I plan on applying for permanet residence.

Most of her family lives close to Daejeon so we plan on locating to around that area. We hope to buy a house or one of those 3 story w/basement buildings that have apartments 2nd and 3rd floor and business 1st floor and the basement.

Most likely we will not be in the city of Daejeon itself but in one of the smaller towns close to there. My question is its been like 4 years since last time I checked housing prices around that area and very little can be found on the internet about them.

Has the price of real estate increased greatly or is it maintaining the cost the last few years?

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While waiting for members to revert back and tell you about prices of real estate, I invite you to check out our Housing in South korea section of the site.

You will find prices that rentals are currently being proposed.


OK  Daejeon so near to Sejong city and Gongju city. I guess the price of housings or building having 4 floors are between 300000USD to 1200000USD. Perhaps Daejeon is the most and Sejong and Gongju.

I recommend those

1. You come  Korea with your wife without any condition
2. Settle Sejong city for 1 year(Very reasonable rent charge for a time being)
3. Try to look for  near city such as Daejeon, Gongju and Sejong
    ( You may buy a rice field and build your house/ That is what I did
      My house in Gongju, middle of Hill, flowers, trees  and dogs sometimes snakes/anyhow beautiful)

Who am I?
1. University full time lecture, World traveller and writer
2. I am planning to go Vietnam Dalat with my wife after retirement in 2 years
    I may settle wife's hometown like you.

Wecoming you settle in Korea
If we see each other, I can buy hand made noodle called Sonjajang

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