Living in Ikoyi, Lagos


I have been offered a post in Ikoyi, Lagos. I am not sure what to expect. Could you help me with the following questions?

1.  Are the good gyms?
2. Is it safe?
3. Is it easy to make new friends?


Good evening.

1.  Are the good gyms? Yes there  are plenty  of nice gyms in near by hotels  and nearby community, Banana Island, Lekki and off of  Chevron Drive
2. Is it safe? Ikoyi, Lagos is a very prominent  area. The very wealth lives in that area so its very heavily guarded. 
3. Is it easy to make new friends? That depends on you Nigerians  are very friendly  and open. Also the expat community  is plentiful  here  so I think you won't  have problems making friends.

Thank you for the help! I appreciate it 😀

As for the gym i don't have any answer, but on safety absolutely safe and friends making is the simplest thing in Nigeria,hope this few tip help? Thanks

Hello there,

Ikoyi is relatively safe, compared to staying say on the mainland. There are a few good gym around, eg inside BMS spa,  and a lot at vi, just do a google search.
You could meet friends through other expatriates, or joining a gym like you suggested.
Wish you the best.

1. There are no gyms - hotels have basic facilities and no maintenance
2. What was number 2?
3. If a stranger comes up to you smiling and friendly be suspicious and keep hold of your wallet and phone.

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