Work in Slovakia-English speakers?

Does anyone have any suggestions for areas or places to look for work in Slovakia (in and outside Bratislava) I am currently situated in the middle, so a bit far to drive to Bratislava every day.

The only area I've heard of is English language teaching, which I don't feel suited to.

I've heard of other English speakers getting jobs in big companies like IBM, Orange or Tesco, but all of those seem to need particular skills or qualifications, like project management or data/ sap or some other technical field. (no good without experience)

I've also heard of new companies opening up here, but I really don't know where to look or what field to start looking in.

All attempts to try agencies,  like Atena, manpower, and others seem to be a waste of time, without fluent Slovak.

I guess I'm just asking is it pointless wasting time looking for a fully English speaking job and would it be better to spend time learning the language?

Any advice greatly appreciated!!

I am following this post.  I would be in the same situation.   I personally hoped to find something I could do online from home.   I know someone who does translation from home like that.   I imagine learning the language can only help move you forward in your search since it sounds like you really did a lot of looking around.   I really should learn it too!

Hi. Yes, I am coming to that conclusion.
I only ask about English speaking jobs, as I was told by a few family and friends that jobs would be abundant if I spoke English and moved here. I suppose it may look like that to local people who see English speakers come here. I assume those English speakers with good jobs have either good experience/qualifications or connections.
Either way, for those of us without, the language seems like a good thing to know long term anyway.
I just hope I can last long enough on savings to find local work, otherwise its back to the land of constant grey skies!
I had a job which was working from home, but it finished abruptly and now I'm beginning to panic, as it doesn't seem likely I'll get another! Oh well, not end of world!
Well good luck with your learning too! Hopefully if any others hear of opportunities, they can post on the website somewhere!
Please update if you do hear of anything! I will too!

what type of job was it that you recently did have working from home?

I did drawings on computer. They would send me sketches and I would send back cad files. However I knew the manager and he has left now.  So hard to find that type of work again, but I'm still looking. What area are you looking in?

I don't have any specific skills like cad drawing, so I actually don't know what to look for.   I am open to ideas.

Me too! I will update here if I here of anything! Fingers Crossed & good luck too!

Sorry I didn't see your previous reply.
I haven't had much luck- applied to AT&T who apparently we're looking for 3000 people but they didn't get back to me.
Also had an interview with another us company who hired someone else and a Slovak company who hired someone else.
I'm wondering if language teaching us the only possibility if you don't have specific skills needed.
I heard previously that jaguar land rover may open bug factory somewhere and also credit card company somewhere else, but both seem a way off and probably be same situation.
I sometimes see jobs for accountants or IT but they always specify either so many years experience or English and another language, so I'm close to giving up and heading back to the uk!
Shame as would love to stay here & really love the country, but without work it's not looking possible!
Been considering looking further away like Austria or hungry? Any advice?
Anyone have more lock than me?

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