Jobs to look for when you get to France

Here are infos about jobs for expats when you guys get to France. Of course there are other possibilities, but here are few of them that you can take into account :)

Teach the foreign languages

Teach your mother tongue as foreign language, gives you an additional benefit. English, German and Spanish are the most wanted languages. Being hired by the French Department of Education is not easy; specific French qualifications are often asked and the selection is made by competition. Note that the French nationality can be one of required conditions.
However, there are numerous schools of language which are ready of hiring foreigners. Some people do not even ask for teaching qualifications, but it depends on the institution. To have a diploma will always be welcome. Also, no diploma is required to give private lessons.

To teach is not very lucrative but the wages vary a lot. The cost of a private lesson is situated between 15 and 20 € / hour, but you will have to take into account the setting-up time of the course, your travels and the management of your schedules.
To find proposals, look at bulletin boards in the schools of language and in the universities, or the announcements on our website.

Seasonal employments in farming

We estimate at more than 120 000 the number of foreigners who come every year in France to help in the harvests, as the grape harvests. The grape harvests owed between 4 and 5 weeks in September / October (according to the climate and the region); other harvests of fruit extend of May at the beginning of November. It is easy to obtain a temporary work permit and so to work legally . From one year to the next, many are those who mean working in the same places; that is why he can be difficult to find a seasonal employment of this kind

Au Pair

The "au pair" person has to take care of children of its host family and sometimes to help in household chores. In exchange, the person is accommodated, feeds and receives a small income. The main advantage of this activity: a fast language learning because you will speak French daily and can use your spare time to meet people.
The au pair work is not strictly supervised. So, very early, discuss clearly tasks expected from you.

Normally, no specific training is required but the parents look for more young people which have already had an experience of nurse. Know that an au pair person cannot be responsible for children of less than 2 years.

For questions of visas, People from EU are often favored. The minimal duration of the service is of 2 months and at the most of 3 years. The families which accept " au pair boys " are rare.

Current responsibilities and required qualities:

· speak enough the language to be able to communicate with the children
· have time to go get them at the school
· play with the children
· prepare and give the meals
· tidy up, clean their chambers and playgrounds
· keep them some evenings

Responsibilities of families:
· give no more than 25-35 working hours a week
· give 2 days minimum of vacation a week
· do not treat the au pair person as a domestic
· supply a single room
· register the au pair person with the family doctor
· include the au pair person in the house insurance

The following organizations put in relation au pair girls and families.
• IAPA (International Au Pair Association):
• IAPO (International Au Pair Organisation):
• AFJE (Accueil Familial des Jeunes Etrangers):
• AuPair Search:

Tourist sector

During summer, the opportunities of hiring in the tourism are huge. To find a work in August, specially in Paris but also in other tourist places, is rather easy because most of the French leave too for holidays. Hotels and catering services are generally most sought after.
According to your experience and your diplomas, you can find an employment of: desk clerks, cashiers, waiters, agent of cleaning etc. Obtain a job in a chain of fast food is very easy because they are often lacking staff. Your knowledge of languages is an advantage compared with French.
In winter, winter sports resorts in the Alps and Pyrenees also offer opportunities

Internships of studies

An internship of study is not considered as an employment. The person does not thus require work permit or specific authorization. You keep your student's status. An agreement of internship is signed by the company which welcomes you, your university or school and you. It defines the type of mission, the training and the conditions (working schedules, place, remuneration).
I hope I have been a little helpfull!

Very helpful thanks..

For the aupair, is the family obliged to send the aupair girl to a school? For example the aupair girl is entering a university for a bachelor degree in france. Is it possible?

Hello Katchie,

Thank you :)

The person who is doing au pair is obliged to find a course or french courses in order to develop her french understanding and get through the visa process especially is you are non european Citizen as you are. The familly has to process to you enrolment at a school.

You can also find some entities that find you au pair families + french courses. I can help you for that if you want.


Hello tony,

Thanks for extending help  :)

I know about the au pair + french course.

Although im more curious, if an au pair simultaneous to her responsibilities as an au pair, taking the french class, -- can enter a University to continue her studies as a "lycee"?

For example, my sister will soon finish her "terminal/grade 10/ high school" and will pursue a BAC (usually a 4 year university course) at age of 18. I want her to be an au pair but continue her BaC and find a university here.

Is that even possible? Au pair + french class + university?

And the petite question, is it even possible to get a relative as your au pair? In this case my sister haha

Thanks a lot..

Hopefully other memebers can find this page also useful..

Thanks, quite informative.

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