rent a car at cheapest price???

Hello Everyone
How are you?
i want to rent a car, is there anyone know that from where can i get at cheapest monthly rent???


Stolen from @Josnuggles on a past thread about car rentals:

Tooranco and Prime Rentals are really good and cheap.

Tooranco - 17728998
Prime Rental - 17600015

thanx man, i will call and check...

not find...
any other please????

Not find as in...what?  Did the number not work?  Was it not cheap enough?  It won't get much cheaper anywhere else, unfortunately.

Try the website if you like:

not cheap enough....
i tried it already, Going manama maybe find some

Hi hibuddy2902,

There is one contact recommended in the business directory : Car rental in Bahrain.

Maybe you could contact him to inquire.


Tooranco did me a good deal, let us know what you find that is cheaper...

BD150 per month is going to be your cheapest unless you are willing to pay several months in advance. Then they MIGHT consider a discount. But they don't undercut each other in my experience.

I pay 129/month with Budget I had to choose between a Nissan Sunny and a Ford Figo get a good service with them as well.

that's useful to know OL1... esp as I get airmiles with Budget rentals. Might give them a try.

Cheapest ive found anyway must be more similar or less. Yea Emirates give you air miles but only with a select number of vehicles 4x4 and sport normally.

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