Affordable towns to live 3-6 months in Mexico?


My wife & I are Canadians and like 1/2 the population of Canada we crave a warmer climate in the winter. I'm 57 & my wife is 67 and are interested in transitioning eventually to living 3-6 months in Mexico a year. Our income is limited so we are looking for some suggestions on some "affordable towns" that we might consider visiting and possibly living in for the winter from all you "experienced expats" out there.

Some things that are important to us are:

1. Obviously the cost of living
2. Within a few blocks proximity to great snorkelling
3. Preferably in the Yucatán peninsula
4. A closely knit group of Canadian/Foreign expats close by
5. All services such as hospital/medical facilities, good grocery store, and dentist.

I look forward to hearing back from you folks,

All the best!

Hello Tappers :cheers:

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Good morning.
Your list of "wants" might make your needs a bit harder to find. There are many great places in Mexico that might have one or two of your requirements. But if you put them all together, it does get harder.
I have been going to Mexico for the last 25 years, the most recent 15 by boat. Yucatan, very nice but not the cheapest place in Mexico, very touristy thus prices go up. A few block from snorkeling. Well the best snorkeling is done of reefs, the best ones are accessed by lancha's. Canadian expat community, I never understood why people leave their countries, just to try to assimilate their needs on others.The best experiences are the one shared with locals. You will learn much more about their cultures, you will live cheaper, and will have a better experience overall if you try to assimilate with the locals, instead of trying to bring Canada on a plane with you.
Now My best choice in the 25 years I have been visiting Mexico..... The best by far none is Huatulco on the pacific side in the state of Oxaca. Yes it is the wrong side of the pond, and more south, but it is a gem with outstanding weather, developed just enough so that gringo's still can communicate in their lingo, and the locals friendly enough, because the gringo's are just starting to arrive. Next working your way up the northern way, the is Z-town (zihuatanejo) still a bit of a flair of the hippy era, just enough to make it affordable, very nice locals, as it is the way in smaller touristic places. going more north still would be Mazatlan. Big gringo community, but still very friendly and quite safe if you observe the basic safety rules.
Now on the Yucatan side, yes there is Cancun, Playa del Carmen Isla Mujeres etc.... tourist traps with tourist prices. Cozumel same story, cruise ship central and duty free galore. Great snorkeling and diving with gringo prices.
So take your pick. gringo central = pricier cost of living. Smaller places = more affordable living cost, and much friendlier people.
Good luck to you, and your choices.

I stayed at an all inclusive in Huatulco but walking through el centro was a very pleasant experience.  It sort of felt like Cozumel 30 years ago.

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