Very Slow STC Internet in Tabuk

So Ive got a 3 months unlimited subscription with STC's 4G Quicknet Router in the city of Tabuk and the problem I have is my speeds are all over the place.

When my internet is at its fastest I get about 1.5MB/s which is enough for my needs and on average il get about 250-500kb/s. Now the thing is very often I will wake up in the morning or not use the internet the whole day then use it for a bit at night and il find the speeds to be under 100kb/s, ranging from 20-60kb/s which is definitely unusable.

It cant be fair use policy because like I mentioned in the morning as soon as I start using it the speeds will be that much for the whole day and then maybe for 10minutes sometime it will go back to normal at 500kb/s. My coverage is great with 5 full bars on 3G and 3 bars on 4G.

Another issue is 3G is always faster than 4G in both download and upload which is very weird and shouldnt be the case so I almost never use 4G anyways.

So I think my speeds are being throttled for no obvious reasons at all, some days will be perfect with excellent speeds throughout and no throttling while others will be dreadfully slow for no reason at all without me using the internet.

Ive contacted them before and they say the usual stuff like wait a few days it will be resolved and restart the router and it all never works.

Before this I had a 1 year subscription for 1TB which while also had similar issues, it was never as bad.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues or has any solution for this?

salaam respected i am also suffering from this situation if you got any solution please tell me

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