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job offer

I'm please asking for information, help  or advice.  I've got a job offer from Q**,  I have accepted the offer. Am still awaiting the contract but their communication seem non existing.  How long do they normally take sending you the contract?


i think it should not take more than 1-2 working weeks. unless they do not have an available visa at this time.

Keep following up....May take up to 3 months...

Welcome to the KSA   :lol:

Thanks for the response. Do you have any idea how to communicate with their HR as I have a million questions to ask. I was trying to communicate via the forum but no luck.

If you can give me any info regarding them, I will appreciate

Thanks a lot. Do you perhaps have any other info Q** that I might find valuable?

Q* doesn't seem to be kind of a renowned firm. I suggest you track them down from LinkedIn. That may help better.

Thanks for the advice

Hi Chris, just wanted to ask. Did you end up taking the job with Qxxx? If yes how was it working there, the visa and flight procedure? Would you recommend the company to others?

Many thanks

I don't know what they're offering these days, but i got an offer for 10,000sar a month, which is a joke. I guess if you're new to this gig over here, but 13,000 is even low. I guess it depends on if you're new or not or how in need you are for a job, but Q* contacts me like every week these days. They are obviously having a hard time getting people to sign up for their contracts which ar e a notch below. Again, I guess it depends on your situation, but while you're waiting you might want to throw out a few other applications just to see what's out there if you've pinned your hopes solely to them.

Thanks for your prompt response and advice. I'm definitely applying for more options to compare best package deal.

They offered me less the 10000. I was given offer 8500 payment, 2750 housing allowance (but when I asked them they said that this only given to married teachers, which I don't understand if it wasn't mentioned in the contract as so they why change it), 600 for transportation. I'm new to Middle eastern employee to and procedures.

How does the Visa system work? I had been told I would need to go to Bahrain to do medical test and get visa then drive to Saudi... It all sounded odd to me.

It sounds like your Q* wants to bring you over on a business visa which is common although becoming less so as Saudi tightens up some stuff here. Yes then you would go over to Bahrain stay at a hotel for as long as it takes depending on who they're visa agent they are using. Then come back over the border. I'm a bit spoiled here as Ive done my time at the beginner jobs and so have worked up the ladder a bit. I recommend to anyone trying to come here to demand to speak to at leats one Westerner already working here just to ask any and all questions prior to coming here. You get a good idea of what you're getting into talking to someone here with boots on teh ground. It's the best time to ask questions about anything and everything you can and can't imagine.
The iqama (work visa) is what they want you on to make you officially legal here. But what they are doing is common, but can have some downsides. It is common as the iqama process can take 1-3 months to finally get processed back at home. Im making a suggestion here, but I would recommend that you only take the job the offer you a multiple entry visa. Without it you're basically a prisoner here. Talk to someone here working for Q*  though before you offer to come over.

A friend who currently works in Saudi via a different agent told me the same thing that QHEC is more likely to give me a business visa if I go via Bahrain. That's good to here, work hard pays off.
Yeah, I'm literally asking everyone I can who currently already works there so I have a better idea of what to expect and demand for.
Many thanks for all your help and advice

What I would say is ask all questions first and make these guys want you by asking all questions you can possibly conceive of. Now is your influence time. Once you're here your theirs so to speak. I try to make sure a company knows I can and will leave if things aren't the way they'll say they will be. Now's your power play time. I would ask demand in facty to speak to one of placees preferablt at the place you're going to work at to get a good feel for it and ask that person everything you can. If your still not completely satisfied ask one more. You simply cant be too thorourgh over here prior to coming.


Im glad I've seen this. I'm exactly in same position looking to go to Saudi next Saturday.
I have to go Bahrain first then to Saudi. They're putting me onto a business visa until my work visa gets processed.
What's your current situation? Have you arrived in Saudi yet

I got same salary package too. I'll be working at Al baha University. Yourself?

I've seen there are many restrictions on business visa. I need to bring my family over but I can only do that once I'm on the work visa

I would ask every possible question you can prior to coming here. I would also ask to speak to several teachers already present here before getting on a plane and getting here Al Baha is much nicer than some places in Saudi for sure. Q** is not one of the higher payers in town but it's a foot t in the door. I personally work in a very different environment than you're going into. You absolutely can't be too prepared prior to getting here and anything you dont ask is your fault. You must ask anything you can to prepare for this place and even then you will encounter somethings that will blow your mind, usually in the category of the stupid. This country isn't anything like you''ve ever done before. Ask specifically about your family and basically get a guarantee before you make any assumptions about whether Q* will sponsor you to have your family here. Plus teh fees for these visas just went up significantly as this country starts to run out of the excess of money it once had and starts to brace for the future which will be much less wealthy than they're used to. If I sound like an ass, Ive just dealt with the shit and now have a decent position for Saudi at least and learned the hard way you have to ask everything imaginable or you'll regret it if you don't unless your standards are relatively low anyway. In that case you'll be fine

Find another company please 😊

what are other peoples' thoughts ? I've been offered a job to work with the military in Jeddah teaching english at Jeddah University.

i've heard alot of unflattering things about this company. can someone report to me great experiences they (or their friends) have about working with this company?

I'm with the company.  All j can sag is that look for another offer. Quality doesn't honour their contracts.  Please.  Once you embark on a journey to Bahrain,  you forfeit all your rights and the company changes everything in that contract.  Whatever concerns we have here, they just send a project manager to listen and we don't know who our employer is. Some collegues have taken q** to court. Some stayed for one month and left.

How's everyone doing who took the job?
I was based in Al baha campus and the accommodation was faaar away from the university.

I've left now after 2 months. Once I got paid I booked flight back to UK. I was on business visa so they couldn't stop me.

For single people who don't mind a struggle and good income (not better than other contracts out there though)  then you might be able to hack it. There's not much in terms of shopping malls etc but I got used to it. Just enjoy yourself in weekend, if your Muslim umrah is very close by and cheap. They paid me on time. Well 3 days late lol.

Apart from that it's not really family friendly. They refused to give housing allowance I was promised,  before signing contract. The accommodation was not the best and location was middle of nowhere. The travel is headache. And not the most professional company.

Take care peeps

Oh man. Does anyone have anything good to say about Q**? I have literally heard nothing positive about it. Maybe someone in this group can contribute?

Oh well so far you've only heard the truthful facts. I doubt you'll hear something different.  I wish I can say something different but naah, I don't have anything positive.

Thanks for the input everybody. Like, this sincerely made me dodge a bullet. They paid for my ticket and I was literally one day away from heading to the airport to start the journey.

I decided to post here and another website about Q**just for kicks. Thought I'd here mix ratings and look over it while packing my bags. But, man, all I got was terrible reviews.

Which ESL employers are the best to work with in Saudi Arabia? Which companies would you recommend?

I would recommend Laureate vacational saudi.arabia. most people who works for this campany are always happy.  They always say positive things about it.


Hi Baizley
I'm with them right now and it's my worst horrible experience in the Gulf after 3 years. If you're absent for one day, they deduct for 2 days. We have a vacation in the next few days. Q** doesn't want us to leave KSA they'll be deducting our salaries for each and every day we are out of the country which is not stated in our contracts. Lectures leave every month.
I hope this information will be helpful for your husband to make an informed decision.

I've been to two countries already but I've never had such experience. To be honest your husband need to be careful of companies who shows any signs of desperation.  Quality is too desperate for teachers and says a lot.


No, I did not take the job offer.  I heard nothing but bad reviews about the company. I reached out to maybe 25 people who had experiences with the company. I did not hear one single response that was positive.

I may be wrong though. Tell you husband to remain careful. If he chooses to work long-term with their company, I would love  to hear his review of the organization.

Best of luck.

Qxxx is a bad company, Teachers from all parts of the world are being recruited for positions in Hafri Al Batan,  Al Baha and many other cities but their contracts are misleading. They have been offering people a low...low salaries under SAR 8500  promising them housing and transport allowances but failed to provide it once you enter the agreement and you fly to Saudi Arabia. They say they will provide with you with single furnished apartments but in places like Hafri Al Batan you share with another teacher and in Al Baha you share with five other teachers in one apartment with one bathroom. Teachers have faced many issues with this company and they don't respond. Although they say every vacation is paid for according to contract but full of lies....teachers who wanted to go on vacation in January were told from the Company if they leave for the two weeks according to the University scheduled vacation period,  the company will deduct it from their end of 30 days paid leave or they will deduct if from your next months salary. Some male and female teachers could not leave during this holiday or  travel because of this deduction in the salary. They promise you multiple entry visas but all lies. They bring you on a work visa then into igamah but no visa to travel for vacations...this is bad...Most companies in Saudi Arabia  allow you to leave and return but not QEHC.

Their recruiters...are non the better, Mr Sxxxxxx (no experience in recruiting) provides teachers with great knowledge and benefits but all lies to get teachers to work for Qxxxx. Apparently he is in Toronto, Canada to recruit teachers,  please all Canadian Teachers  don't fall for his lies.

The furnished apartments in Hafri Al Batan,  there is no heating in the AC's, the Company provides a single bed, a mattress that is hard and one cheap pillow, a single cupboard, some teachers are still living out of their suitcases, a kitchen with no utensils only a microwave,  a two plate stove and a bar fridge. The salary they offer you is less than SAR 8500 which is lies but be warned, they don't pay on time, you wait two or three days extra for your salary and worse they don't pay the correct amount. Some teachers got paid less. Working conditions are bad as they say you will be paid for each Gregorian month but actually some projects only start  after the first of every month and the company starts paying you once the project starts and you enter the university or college doors. They all full of respect for teachers at all.

If they say they will place you in Hafri Al Batan, don't take it...there is no  taxi services here or transportation services.. The accommodation is far from the actual city centre and the bus only takes you to the souk and Hyper Panda for shopping two days a week no where else. The nearest airport is in another city 30 minutes and to fly out its very difficult to get flight tickets. You have to travel to Dammam which is five hours from Hafri Al Batan.
Please don't fall for their antics....its all lies and false information in their contracts... Teachers are suffering because of this company. Teachers have already lodge complaints with the ministry of labour already but as usual nothing was done to aid the teachers. In Hafri Al Batan, the Police was called by a South African female teacher  who complained about her room mate (an American). The South African apparently just completed cooking her food and  after consuming the food, she discovered  it was poisoned with bug spray and rat poisoned by the American teacher. This was done so that the South African female teacher could leave the apartment and the American have the apartment to herself and Qxxxx did nothing about it.   

Luckily the South African female was rushed immediately to the hospital to given medical care and the American got no punishment by the company Qxxx. The project manager is completely useless and nothing was done to aid the South African teacher 


How did it all pan out?

Terrible company STAY AWAY

They messed me around don't worry

They don't have good reviews because they are terrible. Embassies are fighting them because of complaints

Dear all

It has come to my attention that some staff have not been paid due to their HR files not being present in the payroll system, and for some this is not the first time. I have those names to hand. This is unacceptable that this has happened and I am working to get this resolved as a matter of urgency. As of 4pm Monday, I stood next to HR until they entered all files. The next step is for payroll to calculate your owed salary from your start date, for some of you this is up to 7 weeks and have this sent out to you in 1-2 days.

Those teachers who started work after the payroll cut off date (16th March), may only receive an advance.

I will keep pressuring the relevant departments until the salaries reach you. I can only apologise on behalf of those involved in causing this delay.

I will also be submitting your email address to the I.T. department who will email you a link to access payslips etc. You should receive the link this week.

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