Dutch girl in Brussels

Hello Everybody,

My name is Fleur Lemmens, a dutch girl who moved to Brussels one month ago.
I came to Belgium because of Love, and now i am here to experience this nice place.
I have been biking trough the city, because my bike was the first thing i brought here:)
I like the city centre, but every day i find some new spots that are just as beautiful and unique.
I am looking for a job. I am a graduated Nurse with 6 years of experience in different health care fields, but i am interested in any job or opportunity at the moment. I made a new start, in a new country and with this i hope too meet also some very nice people..

If you are interested in a beer/ or tea with me, or if you have any paid job that i might be good in.. Please
let me know..
I can speak Dutch/Flemish, English and German and learning some French..

Hope to hear from you soon,..

Friendly greetings Fleur Lemmens

Hi Fleur!
My name is Arta,I'm Albanian.I came in I Belgium more than 2 years ago for Love,like jou.I'm a nurse also with a diploma Bachelor and six years of experience.
I would like to have a coffee with you,if that's ok.
Maybe I can help you with some information.
Hope to hear from you soon!
P.s.I live in Anderlecht

Beste regards
Arta Perseku

Hallo Arta,

So nice to hear from you!!.
I would like to have a coffee with you.
What do you say about next Wednesday? I live in sint jans molenbeek.
Maybe meet each other in the middle?

Friendly greetings Fleur Lemmens

Very happy to hear so fast from you :)
Wednesday is ok for me.And if we meet in the metro Sint guidon?Is ok for you?10:30?We can have a coffee next to it.
Let me know .

Kind regards Arta

@Arta and @Fleur

If you wish to continue your conversation, please use the PM system.  The forum is not intended as a chat room.  Thank you ladies.

Romaniac Experts Team

I don't understand where is the problem.I'm just trying to help hier.I thought that's it's about.


I don't understand where is the problem.I'm just trying to help hier.I thought that's it's about.

Indeed it is what is about, you're right and I was not discouraging that.  However, when members are having a discussion that might be personal in nature, such as meeting or exchanging contact information for example, it's encouraged to use PM out of courtesy to others, as it might not be relevant or useful to others reading the topic. 

Also, keep your personal security in mind.  You don't know exactly who can be reading this, and broadcasting your exact location at an exact time to the public can have consequences.  Especially with recent events in Belgium, it might be better to be safe then sorry. :)


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