finding a job.i need a job urgently

I want to get any type of job in norway.
how can i find.
currently i am staying in DUBAI.
even i am ready to do domestic work & labour

do you have permission to work here already, either through citizenship (EEA) or a work permit?

The type of job you are likely to get depends on whether you need visa sponsorship from your job or not.

Actuallyi am from india.
i am currently in dubai.
i dont have any relationship with norway.i dont have visa or work permit.
i am searching for a sponser

Hello Dheeraj,

Please read the threads under the Working in Norway category of the forum, you will find relevant infos.

Furthermore, the Find a job in Norway from abroad article will provide you with some tips about how you can find a job.

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I have tourist visa for Schengen country,in Norway may I apply for work?

if you only have a tourist visa, you will need to have a work visa, which means you need a job that will sponsor you. That generally means you need to be working in a specialist field. Jobs as cleaners or waiters will not qualify for work permits.

I recommend reading through the Norwegian immigration directorate's website for more information on requirements:

It's not a great time to be trying to get a work visa here due to the downturn in the oil markets. It's caused a ripple effect throughout the job market here.

mam what should I do? I am unskilled worker.

sushil shahi :

mam what should I do? I am unskilled worker.

what is your reason for wanting to move to Norway?

Some suggestions
1) work in your current country to gain skills and therefore become more employable in Norway
2) look into other types of visas such as the student visa

I am extremely sorry,sorry.I am extremely sorry, sorry

Hello Sushil Sashi

For all job related queries, I invite you to drop an advert and create your cv in the Jobs in Norway section of the site for better feedback


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