Where can I buy a hammock?

I'm looking to buy a hammock, I have checked with the Espace Maison store in Tamarin and I was informed that, while they do sell them, they are currently out of stock. Any other suggestions for places I might obtain one? Preferably in the Black River - Tamarin - Cascavelle region. Thanks!

Hi, Did you ask the guy at the store in Tamarin to check his computer to see if any of the other stores have one or more in stock? Obvious I know but unless you ask they don't usually check. I did this a few weeks ago for something else and got them to check, they found 2 of what I needed and offered to have one brought to Tamarin but I chose to go the same day and collect from their store at Trianon.

The Espace website lists all the stores and contact details, maybe email each store ;)

Or maybe try Mr. Bricolage : TRIANON
Tel : (+230) 454 53 15
Email: mbr.trianon[at]

Apparently there is a small shop somewhere in Port Louis that makes to order, have searched for the details but cannot find it, sorry.

Good luck :)

Ya I was in a hurry so I didn't ask for him to check the other stores. I didn't know they would be able to have them shipped to the store, so I'll definitely give that a go, thanks!

I'll also keep an eye out for this made to order hammock shop, I'll be sure to report back if I find anything.

They often move items from one store to another on the Island  :)

Quick update, I was at Intermart in Bagatelle yesterday and I noticed they had quite a few different types of hammock available for sale in their outdoor section.

You can find quality hammocks at Arnegos Pte aux cannoniers in the north..

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