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Hello there,

I am a muslim coming over to Nairobi in May 2016 with my daughter to live there. I am just wondering how is the muslim community there and what are the do's and don'ts. What do i need to expect staying on my own especially in the middle of the night?

How long will i need to adapt living in Nairobi?

As days are coming closer, i am having butterflies in my tummy.


Be easy,... Nairobi is a good place to be in, for the Islamic do's and don'ts,....muslims are pretty laid back here in Nairobi,.. they are not that strict but they are religious,... so i bet that you will be able to fit in to the system,....
Nairobi is generally safe even at night so you don't need to worry about safety,.... Hit me up if you have any more questions... my email is xxx

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Kenyan society is well integrated in terms of religion and this country is arguably a much better place to be a Muslim that many western countries.  In Nairobi, Muslims don't appear to be particularly strict in terms of dress, for example.

As for your living circumstances, maybe you need to be looking to live in an apartment, where you are in a compound with other apartment and their occupants. Many apartments have security provided as part of the service charge, which is quite important I think.  Also important is the area of the city in which you choose to live. The better areas, such as Westlands, Lavington, Kileleshwa/Kilimani are more secure.  My wife lived alone for lengthy periods, while I worked overseas, with no problems....and she was living in a house, not an apartment.

I disagree with the above; Nairobi is not particularly safe at night, certainly in terms of walking around. Many areas are poorly lit. If you go out at night, it's advisable to have transport to and from your venue.

Nairobi is not a cheap place in which to live. The roads are often choked with traffic. I would only recommend living there, if you need to be based in Nairobi for work.  We 'got out' in was a very good move😀

Thank you for your brief reply. Most likely its in langata apartment. My Husband has requested me to come over and live. Looks like i have not much of a choice but to try to adapt as soon...

I think that it's quite common for people to be nervous about coming to African countries, such as Kenya, but love it once you are here.  I have heard it say that people either love it or loathe it!

In my opinion Kenya's image is tarnished by western journalists, who seem to revel in reporting the dark side and making out that it is a very dangerous and backward country.  Kenya has a lot going for it....people are largely welcoming, the climate is great, the scenery is beautiful, food tastes better.  The quality of life is also better. Less rushing around.

Try it, you might like it!!!!

Dear Longonot,

That is really assuring. Thank you so much! How is the mall Galeria? That is the closest to my home apparently, Langata....

hi!Galleria  langata rd is pretty among one of the best shopping mall  in Nairobi which has almost everything you need all under one roof

Jambo, Asante sana :)


ENGLISH please.

how about if you try kenyan based curriculum  8-4-4 and can as well suits in the world

I will read about the 8-4-4 and understand more about it :) Thanks :)

There is a vibrant Muslim community and you don't need to worry so much. As long as you maintain your customs, no one will bother you. As in every place, there are a few close minded people who still perceive muslims as radicalists but they are just but a handful who may not know any better.
If you live in a safe neighbourhood like Kilimani then don't worry so much just be careful of who you decide to hire as a house help should you choose to do that and try to relate to your neighbours so that in case you need their help, they'll be around to assist you plus if you'll be living alone ensure that you have a phone number of someone you trust and call call while you are in Nairobi. (This will probably take time but it helps).

If you ever need another Hijabi friend we are always here.

Dear Molslev,
Yes i will be getting a housemate for sure ....and will take note of it. Thank you!
Are you a muslimah local? I definetely need a hijabi friend... pm me?

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