Australian International School KL and living in Gita Bayu

My husband and I and our 3 children aged 5, 7 and 10 are moving to Kuala Lumpur at the end of June. We are looking at sending the kids to AISM (mainly because it fits the allocated budget) and I was wondering if anyone can give me insight as to where people live who attend this school and are they happy with the school??
I have been looking online at Gita Bayu which looks great and coming from Oz where my kids roam around outdoors all day long, this area really appealed to me.....I would love to hear from any families living here and would love to know what you think??
Also, my husband will be working right in the heart of KL on the new KL118 Building......what other areas would people suggest living in?? The company will pay for the kids bus fares so I am ok with putting them on the school bus if it means closer to the city for him but still plenty of room for the kids to run and play. I have no interest in living in a condo with 3 kids as I am sure ALL of us will go nuts if we cant open the front or back door and walk outide like we are used to. I know there are plenty of facilities but they are not old enough to swim by themselves and wander off etc.
Any feedback at all on the school and areas to live  would be great!

Hi i wouldnt worry it is a legit international school. One of the few in KL


Hope youre looking forward to your new adventure!?

We moved here in February and conisdered lots of areas and schools, one of which was AISM. To be fair, we loved it, but as we are British, it just didnt work for us holidays wise.

We met the head if infants and he was lovely, he interviewed us as much as we did him!

As we were conksidering this school we looked at Blu con & Gita Bayu. Some of the house in the area are really nice.... Some massive!! Not sure what you have currently but we were offered and shown a 7 bedroom!!! There was a lot to choose from, just make sure you have some 'off' (the most effective mossie spray) with you as theres a lake.

We have decided on the British School, Banda Utama and Desa Park City to live. My husband works in Klang. We made the decision to live where we would all be happy and the drive would be within an hour for him which is bearable for happy kids and a wife!

Hope this all helps..... Kind regards


Well, I don't know about AISM from personal experience, but one of my pal sent his kids there. His children were on the lower-average side and so I recommended this tutor to him. He is a doctor and an experienced tutor. He tutors my children as well.
After a few months, my friend said that the kids were doing really well in school.
So we decided to pull our kids from these "top-tier" schools and set them up under homeschooling with Dr Faizul (that's his name). A few other parents decided to join us and now Dr Faizul is opening a Smart School in KL come this July. He just hired a few expat teachers, recently.

Of course, we were worried about the much-needed social interaction that our kids get in bigger schools. As of now there a few other parents planning to join the school. I am glad that I know their kids and I trust this social circle. Extra-curricular activities are also a part of the program. My children loves swimming, waterboarding, and archery. So, we can't miss on that.

I highly recommend that you consider this school for your children. IMHO, AISM is a good school too, but like any other big schools, they lack in personalized attention. I think, it defeats the purpose of melting your plastic for your children's education.
Good luck.

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