Couch Cover Cat Problems

So we have moved into a beautiful apartment that was only slightly furnished with an old couch.  We decided to buy a new couch and now our cat has been making little nicks all over the bottom.  Any ideas?  We would like to purchase a couch cover or have someone make one.  We are living in HCMC

try a daiso store in the pet section. I kinda recall laughing at a product that solves this problem. it was some sort of adhesive I think.

the other solution is to get a scratching post from a pet store?

              ..tried that...    But they seem to prefer the more expensive threads.

  Strange that.   It's almost they know how far they can stretch a good thing.

  Can you imagine how it must feel to tear something apart with tooth and claw?

  Mine obviously have talon talent.                    :mad:      Envy...

Hello Whos_your_Addy,

Your cat is very likely reacting to the stress of the move to a new location. While the couch cover may be a partial solution and the cat is just going to continue to shred the cover anyway, you need to deal with your cat's problems. You need to take a long hard look at the new location and see exactly what is different, what is missing from the environment your cat had before and is used to.

Cat's feel most comfortable up off the ground, do you have a cat tree? If not get one. Does your cat have sufficient toys? If not the animal may be reacting to boredom, get some inexpensive cat toys to occupy his/her time and burn off excess energy.

You mention you're in an apartment, were you in a house before and did the cat have free access to being outdoors? Can your cat get outside now, or at the very least have a place where he/she can see outside?

Do you leave the cat alone for extended periods? Cats are extremely social animals and usually don't like being alone. Maybe toys will help if that's your underlying problem.

There are any number of reasons why your cat is attacking the new couch, and these are just a few of them. It may be something as simple as the fact that the cat is just sharpening his/her claws which is a completely natural act for all cats. Do you have a scratching post? You may want to invest in a cat tree that not only has a hidey whole for the cat, but also has a scratching post. That may be the solution to all of your problems.

James Experts Team

Thank you James.  I do think the cat is a bit bored.  The new apartment we've moved into is much larger and has a balcony that we let the cat hang out on.  He has a scratching post which he uses all the time in front of us.  I think a cover is all we need.

I sewed my own couch cover. Perhaps you could get a tailor to come around and take the measurements for your. It's pretty easy ( I used a youtube tutorial).

Near my house, on Le Van Sy Street, there's a store which makes couch or sofa covers with acceptable price.

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