1 year visa in Philippines?

Does anyone have information about the new visa extension for 1 year?Thanks

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Maybe we could help you with that.

After the initial question, my curiosity became aroused, a tourist visa, according to the Bureau of Immigration may be extended 2 months or 6 months, I specifically asked about a one-year extension. Nothing about a 1-year extension, for a tourist the parameters laid out apply, 2 months or 6 months.

But im married to pinay and have copy of the marraige certificate?

Anyone with info on this topic?

If you are married to a Filipina. You may be able to avail yourself of the Balikbayan privilege 1 year stamp in your passport (it's not a visa). You must leave the country with your wife and return with your wife and request the Balikbayan stamp in your passport. Check the stamp closely and you should see the BB stamp and date. This may be the one program you are referring to.
The country you choose to visit is up to you. Many go to Hong Kong overnight. Though Kuala Lampur is also pretty reasonable. You choice.

Hope this helps. … ident-visa

When you apply for your resident visa, if your spouse is a Philippine Citizen you will be applying for a 13(a) visa. If your spouse is a former Citizen you will be applying for a 13(g) visa. With either of these visas you are also allowed to work in the Philippines!

The only requirement is that once per year (in January/February) you are required to check-in at the Bureau of Immigration office.

If you arrive with your Philippine Spouse. A One Year Visa is automatic.
I don't think you are required to leave together.


still, you have to apply for it! It's not like it will be given to you automatically

You CANNOT legally work on a 13A or 13g immigrant visa but there are other visas that you can work on: … migration/

i am also maried here to a Filipina ,i went to NBI to aply for NBI clearance this month.
as soon i have this i will apply for 13a or resident visa,this will give me a 1 year probational resident visa and from on the next year this will be a resident visa,13a .
once a year i will have to go to emigration for a stamp from than on.
,the probational will kost 11000 peso,the oermanent will kost 11000 peso.
the yearly stamp (if i am well informed) kosts 200 peso
hope this will help you.
greets Dirk

Yep it true ,i got a 1 year BB visa automatically every time when I traveling with my wife no need to apply for it and we can leave the Philippines different time 😊

You can obtain a balikbayan visa (actually it's a stamp on your passport) by flying our of the Philippines for a day and returning w your spouse and all marriage documents - go the Filipino customs entry and request a balikbayan visa stamp.  I will be doing just that next month. Flying to an inexpensive place staying overnight and returning to Manila. - Steve

I dont know about tourist visa extension but i know that students now get a 1 year visa as against the 6 months duration that existed before.

I however am finding it difficult to get a work permit as a student that wants to combine school and work.
In other countries, this is so easy but not in the Philippines. Its frustrating.

maybe you are thinking of a balakbayan visa. not sure how long but check with the bureau of immigration

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