Zain Wifi Calling

Do you know how does Zain wifi calling work? Anyone can share his/her experience?

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Do you know how does Zain wifi calling work? Anyone can share his/her experience?

i have heard from Zain that currently only Iphone have this facility

Yes you need an iphone. As far as I know, you need to connect that iphone to a wifi.

If i understood correctly then the main benefit is there will be no roaming charges so I believe it will be attractive for people who:

1) Frequently travelling out of KSA and at the same time need to make and receive many calls during the overseas trip which is very costly for most of us. For example if you receive a call when you are travelling in Dubai, you will not be worried on the expensive roaming charges. In fact receiving that call now is free of charge. Making a call will be charged but without roaming charges. So just imagine that you are making that call from Riyadh, then this will answer many questions related to how you are going to be charged.

2) You can send a zain sim back to your home country to your wife, then both of you can communicate at local rate based on the local package that you subscribed to. You can still keep your mobily or stc number and you can make or receive call from your wife using zain wifi calling in another country.

Yes..this is soooo true!! I just travelled to London and Paris using a MiFi from local sim and I am connected constantly to Zain WiFiCall.

My total usage for calls in total 10 days was only less SR100+ !!

This is new information for me.

Is it valid for Bahrain as well? I traveled to Bahrain last month along with my Zain MiFi but as soon as I entered in Bahrain, the signals were gone. Am I missing something here?

Yes it is working in Bahrain and any country in the world. All you need is an iPhone, Zain SIM with postpaid Mazaya Premium or Shabab package and you need to connect to any wifi (hotel, starbucks, etc.). Your Zain saudi MiFi will not work in Bahrain. You can get a Zain Bahrain or any local Mifi instead if you are on the move.

Then once you see "Zain WiFiCall" appears on top of your iphone screen, you can start using the service. you can receive call free and making calls based on your Mazaya/Shabab package.

It is not restricted to Zain iphone calling Zain iphone. You can call or receive call on any phone number including fixed line.

Any iPhone owner tried it on the last summer vacation?

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