Staying illegally - what to do? How to go back?!

Hi everyone,
Can somebody help me , Please!

I came to Kuwait 8 months ago with my 5 children soon after my husband passed away and just because somebody promised me and my kids residence visa.

Unfortunately we got totally abandoned. No visas, no school for children, no place to live, no job and no money.

I came from EU and I want to go back but i have no idea how because our fine has reached it's limit and i will be never able to collect THAT much.

I have heard  that there is possibility of being pardoned by Kuwaiti Authorities but i have no idea where to go and whom to ask.

I have no car and no one to help. My children are small and i am a widow who is struggling how to survive here each and every day.


First off, I am sorry to read about your husband's passing and your situation.

Did you contact your embassy first?

Not yet but i think i have no choice and i will ask them if they can help or not. As long as i know life i really doubt about them helping me. That is the reason I haven't asked them yet.
Anyway, thanks

Please update us as soon as anything happens.

Hello malikaali,

The first thing you need to do is IMMEDIATELY contact your country's Consulate or Embassy in Kuwait and advise them of your situation. You need to follow the advice that they give you.

In your situation you face possible detention pending deportation and should that happen the Kuwaiti government could possibly take temporary custody of your children too.

James Experts Team

Where are you from exactly?

Embassy - immediately.
That has to be your first call, and it has to be as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your interest but i have already contacted my embassy and they cannot do anything. The only help they did offer me was to give a small loan for return tickets. This is nothing and not saving me from anything because the fine i have to pay for overstaying has reached nearly 10.000 Euros . This kind of amount is beyond my abilities. I don't think I can ever earn and save this much.... It's beyond my imagination. .........

Hello malikaali,

Well, when you think of what is going to happen if you don't leave the country, and do so as quickly as possible, I'm sure you'll find some way to come up with the money to pay the fine, or make some arrangement to pay it over time.

The alternative is, jail until you're deported. Your children would be placed in the care of the government during that time, and once deported you could never return.

You should contact your family at home and request their help. That's the only alternative you have. Trying to stay in Kuwait will only end up with a much more serious problem to face.

Cheers, Experts Team

Hello James,
Thanks for your concern and all suggestions.
Hope to solve it asap...
Regards and good day

good luck malikaali. hope everything goes well.


I am really sorry for all your miseries. But some points are lacking in your quote.
1. What was the job you were offered?
2. Who offered you job?
3. How you became abandoned?
4. How you carried your children without an apartment?
5. Why you are not able to find any other jobs?
6. How you manage to stay with your children without any papers?
7. Who is supporting you in terms of your accommodation and cost of living?
8. Through what type of visa you entered in to the country?
9. Why you waited so long until the fine reaches up to these much of amount?

If you can share the complete details, I am sure someone can find the resolution for your issue.

My story is very simple.
One day out of sudden my husband passed away living me and our 5 small children all alone.
It all happened in front of us. Very next day my brother in law came and ask us to go with him to Kuwait. Just after burial not thinking a lot due to devastating shock we entered Kuwait on visit visa at arrival because we are all E U citizens. We stayed in my mother in law house as guests and were promised residence  together with school for children. When our visa was about to expire and we knew that we can't stay here any longer my relative told me that he got no money for our return tickets.
My ex husband got a small company here in Kuwait together with his brother so we are supposed to get half share from it but because my brother in law is building a house and wants to live lavishly so we can't get our share not to mention even tickets. This is how I was expecting to pay for our return but sometimes the reality is more cruel and week are being oppressed by stronger.
Days passed and we were left on our own living in a small room and trying to homeschool the kids. Fine was growing and growing and no help from anyone. I am very poor widow and cannot pay the fine. I can't work to earn for fine as I am illegal and I have 5 small kids that need to be supervised all day long. I stay in Kuwait in my mother in law tiny house. She is old and week.
She lives with her brother and son. I was not waiting for any miracle but all I want is that immigration department will have mercy on poor and honest people who broke the law unwillingly. None of us had any intention to break the law. We were simply fooled by someone who doesn't care about their relatives but his own pocket and belly.
What to do ?

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