Im looking for organic farmers here in ho chi minh.

Im looking for farmers that grow fresh produce with little to no chemicals. I want to buy produce from you if you grow fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Please reply if you are interested in selling you products to me for a lower price than the markets. You can earn extra money, just from your garden, so i am offering business.

Please reply with what you grow and where  you live.

Thank you

One of our member dealing with organic vegetable & fruits.
I think this is her page.
Hang Le

here you are: the owner is super passionate about organic and comes from a health-related background.
strongly recommend you check this website and order from her - Diana is the international name, Diep is Vietnamese name...

I'm about to introduce you some organic stores, but then read your request again, and see that you want to buy vegetable directly from farmers in small scale only.

So this is what I did, go to District 2 where there still are many free lands and people love to grow vegetable at home, you will see small vegetable gardens there, go around and ask for who is planting in this land, and buy from them.

Thank you for your reply.... Where about in district 2 are you talking about?

Binh An Ward, around Tran Nao street. When you go to Tran Nao street, you turn to its small streets. I remember 1 in street No 4, 1 in street No 20, one near the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City.

message me your email and I will send you the map which I highlighted the places. I could not bring the picture here


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You can go to Family Garden in 28 Thảo Điền Street

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