Brazil economy, reais & stock market

As i am sure most of you have noticed the Brazilian Stock market and the reais have surged the last month. I must admit that i have been a bit baffeled by it since i am unable to see how replacing Dilma With Temer would change anything regarding the fast deteriorating economy but that is the only explanation i can see - let see what happens but i think it is just wishful thinking and as all the bad numbers keeps coming the reais will soon be 1:4 to the USD again. … hree-years … azil-loans … ruary-ever

I have noticed the same thing and the numbers are bad for it is a global slowdown for I see with each move of the political chessboard the real is fluctuating like a pendelluim. I forsee the same of the 1:4 ratio. It is massive manipulation by the powers that be. I was baffled for the next in command has problems as mentioned above and it is speculation on a change and if the change is not to be I believe one post on the forum stated 1:5 by the end of the year.

5 things about Brazil's battered economy as impeachment continues … /83273000/
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