Hepa B carrier

Hello friends, I am living in UAE since last 10 years with the same Hep b surface antigen +ve  but at second stage or test for Hepa B E antigen or DNA i have non communicate-able virus. Alhamdulillah i never been any issue with this and living my life safely by the grace of God. i am asking a way to join a excellent opportunity in KSA . can any one help me in this regards ?


Hello SIAS :cheers:

This issue has several time been discussed on the forum. Most of time, Visa is not given to those having Hepa B.

But to have a definite answer about that, consulting Saudi Arabia consulate in your country is the way to go!

Wish you all the best :top:


Since you are HBsAg positive. so the Saudi passport office will not issue the Iqama (Residence/work permit to you.

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