Payments for services

My husband and I are planning our move to Barcelona and we are researching transferring money from the US to Spain.  My question is how do most vendors like to be paid?  Check, cash, credit card, etc.  It might be easier for us to pay for items using a credit card rather than having to transfer cash every month or so.  But we weren't sure how items like rent, utilities, etc. were generally paid.  Any information would be helpful.


It is usually bank draft for most things (utilities cell phones etc...)  we use credit card at stores and cash at markets.  rent depends on your landlord, either bank draft or cash.

The majority of vendors will ask for a bank transfer payment, for services rendered, however, your landlord may ask for a cash payment. If you do make cash payments ensure that you receive an official receipt with their details, i.e. their legal/fiscal identity number, name and the amount and date they received the cash payment.

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