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Hi I am Steve and I really like to know if I can apply as Sales executive for companies here in KL. For my work experience, I have been working as Area Sales Executive for a Distributor in Maldives. Our clients are 102 luxury island resorts in Maldives. I handled evian and hobury products to name a few. Is there a chance i can find it here since i am  a Filipino ( foreigner)! I just love kl and pour my passion here.

Not to be discouraging but it is not easy to get a job in KL for foreigners unless you have a good business network and your job is guaranteed.

Hi can you tell me more about the way job network is here in kl? I know job network works in Maldives.

Hi sales exec is a 2k or less a month job and no way can a foreigner do that.

Try middle east there even sectetaries with no real quals can get jobs. Malaysia is only for professionals and low paid slave labour. But even that is being reduced.

but they are paid in comissions.

i want to build a career here in kl. i know i can.

In current economic climate? Malaysian government is on an anti foreign worker driver as the voters have unemployed grad children. You do the math! Loads of expats leaving malaysia and loads of people want jobs here and dont get. Only ones who do are highly experienced but note those locally hired get screwed on salary. Any HR person will tell you its an empoyers s market now  postmen need muscles to carry the applications piles lol

Why malaysia?

Malaysia because i trust with my guts. Its a place similar to my country yet promises on something yet i need to find. I could migrate if there is a chance. Goods are very affordable, i can stretch my money perhaps.

Hi you seem to live in fairy land! Malaysia is expensive to live in and with collapse in RM prices shooting up. Inflation is in double digits. Along with high unemployment you should stay at home and get a proper career/experience going before contemplating a move. In good economic times opportunities exist in some countries for young inexperienced people but world economy is being dragged down by china so now best to build experience where you dont need a work permit.

**. I need good connection in Maldives.

I am from Pakistan and have worked in kl for past three years. Now I am back.


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People are giving you sensible advice yet you keep coming back and saying, "I don't believe you". So why ask in the first place?  I'll tell you straight, I know a couple of wealthy Filipinos live here but note, "Wealthy". One just bought a nice condo in Mont Kiara. They brought money here. There's no way in a million you can expect to live the high life in KL. You will live in a shared room.  I have started up three comlanies in the Philippines and am sure it's easier there than here. Re-asses your skills, are you just hoping the grass will be greener and as a foreignor your skills will be taken for granted?  That's not the case here. The businesses are run by astute people and they only employ foreigners for one of two reasons. They are "properly" qualified and experienced, read UK or Northern European MA and proven track record in hitting targets and earning serious money OR they're Filipinos/Myanmar/Banglas to work in slave conditions doing jobs too lowly for locals to contemplate.  My advice go to Phils and make a go of things there. Good luck and I hope things go well for you.

Hi Steve,

Good morning to you.

Happen to know that you are interest to work in KL.
We are telecommunication company - PLDT (M) Sdn Bhd. looking few Filipino sales staffs in Malaysia. If you are interested, please email me your full resume to : cmleong[at] .

Thank you.


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Hello everyone,

Here is the link to the job section : … la-lumpur/ please post your advert there.

Thank you.

First of all, I may say sorry to reply a Filipino request.
Actually our company (PLDT Malaysia Sdn Bhd - under telecommunication sector, an associate company of Celcom Axiata in Malaysia) planning to expand the business and need Filipino to market the product to all Oversea Filipino Workers in Malaysia.
For advertisement, not so soon may be end of this year if approved.
Thank you.

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